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In the vibrant world of printing, one name stands out – Girls Who Print. Women of Flexo recently had the pleasure of chatting with the inspiring Deborah Corn, Girl #1 at Girls Who Print, to unravel the secrets behind this empowering community that’s making waves in the printing industry.

Girls Who Print Unveiled:

Imagine a network where women in the printing industry come together to empower, support, and break barriers. Well, that’s exactly what Girls Who Print is all about! With over 10,000 members globally, this online haven caters to women across all segments and career paths within the printing world.

Purpose That Packs a Punch:

Girls Who Print is more than just a network; it’s a movement. Their purpose? To encourage women to chase their dreams fearlessly. The slogan “Empower, Long, and Prosper” encapsulates their mission – to help women stand their ground, gain visibility, and feel empowered within the industry.

Exciting News: Girls Who Print Africa, UK & Europe

Get ready to witness the ongoing influence as Girls Who Print cements its footprint with Girls Who Print Africa, UK & Europe. This expansion stands as a steadfast commitment to educate, advocate, and foster remarkable opportunities for women where they are, and address their local, regional, and national needs. The far-reaching ripples of empowerment and community continue to extend their influence on a global scale. 

Getting in on the Action:

Eager to be part of this empowering journey? Connecting with Girls Who Print is a breeze. Network with women from around the world in their LinkedIn group, sign up for their free mentorship program, and stay up to date on events and activities by subscribing to their mailing list at girlswhoprint.net. And here’s the cherry on top: mark May 8, 2024, on your calendar. Why? Because Girls Who Print is hosting a full-day conference at Americas Print Show in Cleveland, Ohio. And the best part? Attending this conference also supports the Girls Who Print Africa initiative. Now, that’s a cause worth rallying behind! 


Girls Who Print isn’t just a network; it’s a global, dynamic force of women actively working together to excel in their careers and reshape the landscape of the printing industry in the process. So, join the movement, connect with inspiring women, and be a part of the transformative impact Girls Who Print has on the printing world. It’s not just about ink on paper; it’s about women leaving an indelible mark, one empowered step at a time. Empower, long, and prosper – the journey has just begun!

About Deborah Corn

Deborah Corn is the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse at Print Media Centr. She provides printspiration, education and resources to print and marketing professionals around the world through her site, speaking engagements, Podcasts from The Printerverse, ProjectPeacock.TV, producing and working with industry events, and an array of community-lifting initiatives such as Girls Who Print, Elevate Print, #PrintLife, Print Across America and International Print Day.

Deborah also helps companies create more meaningful and profitable customer relationships by utilizing more than 25 years of experience as an Agency, Brand and Corporate Print Buyer who has assessed, hired, and worked with a plethora of printers and service providers.

Explore the Printerverse at PrintMediaCentr.com

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