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The Leadership Development team aims to promote female engagement and increase their visibility in the flexographic industry. We accomplish this through identifying different leadership opportunities, career development, and networking to give women the space to evolve as leaders and open doors to new opportunities



Elizabeth Jones

MacDermid Graphic Solutions


Alyssa Denney

Graphic Packaging International


Laura Wright

CSW, Inc

Michelle Henson

Taylor Labeling Solutions

Brandy Marlow

Container Graphics

Jan Skocik

MacDermid Graphics Solutions

WoF Spotlights:

Catherine Haynes
Catherine Haynes is the Vice President of Growth and Development at All Printing Resources. She is very involved in the FTA to include the FQC Committee and the WoF Mentorship Committee… Read more

Katie Graham
Like many of my fellow flexographers, I had never heard of flexography when I graduated high school and college. I had just gotten my degree and was struggling to find a full-time job during the 2008 recession… Read more

Alice Ish
Growing up in a small town outside of Seattle, Wash., Alice Ish was fortunate to have parents that fostered an environment of continual learning and curiosity for the world around her. “They gave me a deep love for the outdoors and the natural world with many family camping trips,” she said… Read more

Books we loved this month:

How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having “Female Brains”) by Valerie Alexander

“Yes, the title is hard to get past, but this is a great quick read that had me thinking on so many levels about what women are up against in male-dominated industries like ours.
This is a published copy of a lecture that Valerie Alexander gives about the evolution of the political and industrial world around male-focused values and how women need to understand these values and how they differ from those that women, in general, naturally hold. She offers advice on how to manage our natural inclinations in order to better develop our careers and advocate for the other women around us.”

– Laura Wright, WoF member




You should Smile More by Dawn Hudson, Cie Nicholson, Mitzi Short, Katie Lacey, Lori Tauber Marcus, and Angelique Bellmer Krembs.

“This book is written as a collaboration from 6 women who have all held high ranking positions within PepsiCo who call themselves “The Band of Sisters” and have come up through the ranks. They share their experiences with gender bias that they experienced. They talk about barriers to inclusion and how these can equate to barriers in success and how they’re not glaring transgressions but little micro offenses that we all have encountered at one time or another.

While reading this book, I could identify with some of the situations as a female that I did not even realize were condoning behaviors that promote gender bias. These women had great ideas and suggestions in this book about how to dismantle gender bias in the workplace with small positive changes.”
– Brandy Marlow, WoF member


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